SD 700 LED + SD 480 LED

Set of freezes prefect for storage of ice cream and frozen food. Provides excellent presentation of products and it’s real space saver.

Freezer combo for storage od ice cream and frozen food.
Perfect mix of two freezers with catchy eye look, very attractive for customers. Goods stored have perfect presentation due to LED illumination.
These freezers meet high standard of exposition, perfect for shops which want to have unique interiors.
Set of baskets and shelves inclded.
Digital controller and LED illumination as standard.
Freezer meets all policies required by Polish law, also has CE certificate.
Freezer SD-700 with SD-480 are exclusice products “Premium” Grade. Both freezers have KRIMARG brand.


SD-480 LED, SD-700 LED


480, 700

Temperature of freezing/cooling

≤ -18℃



Net dimensions: width./ depth./ height. (mm)

1860x608x1110, 1865x814x1050

Net weight (KG)

132, 145

No of baskets in standard

6, 9 shelves (3+3+3)

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