XS-600 LED

Freezer/chiller islands are made in a very easy way by connecting XS-500, XS-600 and XS-700 models. Commercial freezer for bigger size shops and supermarkets, perfect for storage ice creams and frozen food equipped with curved sliding glass door and LED illumination.

Commercial freezer XS-600 YS LED is one of the most popular models for middle and large area shops and supermarkets chains. It usually ends freezer island.Islands are easy to fix, provide perfect display of goods in middle and large area shops and supermarkets as well.

To meet our clients’ needs, every device which is part of island can be delivered in two versions:

XS-600YX can stand alone or be a part of freezer Island or freezer line

We offer our freezers equipped with full set of baskets, LED illumination, and external analogue thermometer or electronic controller as extras.

Equipped with bumper, door lock and set of six wheels

Freezer meets all policies required by polish law, also has CE certificate.

XS-600 is reliable product, which is KRIMARG Logo branded .


XS-600 LED



Temperature of freezing/cooling

≤ -18℃



Net dimensions: width./ depth./ height. (mm)


Net weight (KG)


No of baskets in standard


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